Hello and welcome to the APNA Water Leak Detector!

This fantastic incredible water leak detector was designed to successfully safeguard your property against water damage.

The site you are visiting does not get involved with the repair of leaks, or damage caused. We only provide the means of successfully safeguarding against water leaks, by offering the worlds leading inexpensive water leak detector which would be activated by even the slightest water leak. 

Simple inventions always prove the greatest success, plus hugely beneficial to mankind.

First Extraordinary Unique Water Leak Detector.

Surprisingly, leak detectors have been around without recognition over countless years since mankind first set foot on earth, to explain this theory in more detail.

1. Each person who is able to see has the ability of detecting a water leak by visually seeing the leak of water itself.

2. If you are unfortunate without sight it would be more difficult, but still possible to feel a damp area in question with your hands.

3. Unbelievably, it is still possible to detect a water leak by hearing the leak of water striking a hard surface, which proves categorically that we humans had the capability of naturally detecting a water leak without a detector in place.

4. There is still yet another indicator which will indicate a water leak by smell, mould will always give off a pungent odour when allowed to multiply, which evidently exist mainly in damp conditions.

5. Yet another leak detected, when introducing cold water through a water pipe into a property which is nice and warm, there is a common problem with water leaks if this water pipe is not insulated, against internal conditions causing condensation to run the full length of this pipe inside the property.

6. Amazingly, animals/birds protected themselves with coverage both from above and below; long before us humans were placed on earth, having to protect themselves against the environmental wet conditions.

Proving that leak detectors are only necessary when selected to cover hidden areas, the audible alarm, will indicate immediately the area where the water leak is. 

As many as five leads can be connected to the device, but as a rule you will be supplied with three leads with each leak detector unit, made up of two leads measuring one meter in length, and an additional two meter lead. Without restrictions, other lengths can be ordered to reach areas within easy reach, such as beneath the washing machine or dishwasher nearby.


paint copy

You can see from the photo offered, the leak detector placed uniquely to the side of the boiler without using any tools. Also showing clearly the positive way the white absorbent sleeves are wrapped around each pipe in turn. Not shown is the absorbent sleeve placed on the ground beneath the boiler area, essentially to catch any stray leaks from the boiler.

It is now possible to successfully detect even the smallest water leak hidden beneath the sink area.

Question how to detect a leak under the sink.
The leak detector would have safeguarded this area.

It would have been a wise purchase, before the expensive kitchen units were damaged.

Some of the silly, or possibly the daftest comments mentioned by members of the public while introducing the APNA Leak Detector.

Promise not to laugh please.   

  •  I’ll  purchase a leak detector when their is a water leak.
  •  I’ve never had any leaks in my property, so what use is the leak detector.
  •  Fantastic idea, but I’ll claim through my insurance if their is any water damage.
  • Our house is a council house, the council will foot the bill for the water damage.
  • My apartment does not belong to me it’s rented property.
  • I would not purchase your device, because it could scare my ‘Parrot’.

(What with the noisy smoke detector nearby, or the TV noise with a Ambulance/Fire-engine/Police siren sounding frequently on TV  programmes throughout the day).

I bet the parrot would announce repeatedly extremely loudly, on hearing the leak detector alarm.

(There is a water leak, There is a water leak, There is a water leak)!!!  (Please no laughing).   


 I wonder if I’ll hear of any other classic remarks soon, I do hope so?

Yes unbelievable a couple more.

  • We do not need your water Leak Detector: We can hear a leak from a mile away.

“(Is this difficult, I do hope you don’t lose your hearing)?”

  • What use is your gadget, we can always smell a leak?

“(Foolishly this is too late, you must already have serious water damage)?”   


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