Safe Bed Wetting Detector.

Amazing Safe Bed Wetting Detector.

Terrific Unexpected Bonuses with my invention.
This subject is delicate but absolutely essential to cover. If one has invented a device indicating that an infirmed patient has wet the bed. It is essential to the nursing staff in a nursing home, or hospital, including their own home, that the soiled material is changed as soon as possible, and the patient made as comfortable as possible.
My invention was devised mainly for detecting and safeguarding water damage in each property.

It came as a terrific unexpected bonuses, that this invention could also be useful with early detection and alarm, that the bed linen in the hospital bed, needs changing for the benefit and welfare of each infirm patient.


Additional important benefit, very young children who are attempting to wake up in time to go to the toilet when toilet training begins, would ultimately hear the alarm in time and eventually achieve dry night’s training much earlier.
A special plastic sleeve is necessary with holes penetrated into the sleeve, fitted to the end of the lead. This material was chosen because on each occasion will need to be washed and dried before it is reused. Another thought is to use the same absorbent sleeve in hospital/nursing home which could be discarded when soiled, fitting a fresh absorbent sleeve when necessary.
The immediate existing benefits of this invention can be appreciated, when you firstly notice that an on/off switch has been deliberately omitted. So that the caring staffs are unable to switch the leak detector off. Another noticeable pleasing benefit is that no permanent unnecessary lights are showing on the leak detector, until the alarm is activated.
I have in mind a signal sent to the family member’s phone, highlighting whether the nursing team have attended the patient, shortly after the alarm has been activated. Hopefully the linen is changed plus the welfare of the patients needs are carried out at the earliest.