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paint copyDevice located on the side of your boiler.

The leak detector constantly monitors your boiler, and all the pipes leading directly from your boiler, leaving you without the worry or concern.

In the likelihood of a small leak, within seconds you will hear an alarm if your water pipes or the boiler develop even the slightest leak which could get progressively worst over time, importantly an LED lamp will indicate which pipe needs your urgent attention.

In the bathroom, an absorbent sleeve placed beneath the bath or sink area. Also each absorbent lead can be wrapped around selected pipes in the likelihood of any possible seepage of water emitting from any pipes, an alarm would be activated within the mobile leak detector unit nearby.

kitchenAnother vulnerable area beneath the sink unit.

Beneath the kitchen sink area would be an important location to place this brilliant water leak detector, as an early warning of a possible leakage. It would save hundreds or even thousands of pounds, of water damage to the expensive kitchen furniture units. Also safeguarding against possible water damage travelling through to the lounge area if left unguarded.

Fortunately, with the unique design of the leak detector you can easily position without difficulty the device, anywhere throughout your property surprisingly without the use of any tools:

water tankAnother area with justification is the loft;

leaks out of sight in the loft can damage your whole property if not safeguarded. An early warning of a leak in this area would give piece of mind, saving unnecessary expensive water damage to the bedroom ceilings on that floor.

Helpful Instructions.

Throughout this leaflet simple instructions would be necessary in locating and positioning the ‘APNA’ Leak detector. Under the kitchen sink could be your first effective preventative location to site a water leak detector, a magnetic strip has been provided with double/sided tape attached, making it possible successfully in locating the leak detector out of sight, inside the furniture unit uniquely without using any tools:

Each pipe under the kitchen sink would be wrapped around with a separate absorbent sleeve:

Underneath the boiler unit, again wrapping the absorbent sleeves around selected pipes in turn, importantly not forgetting once again the extended cable of two meters, to be placed on the floor safeguarding against possible stray leaks.

Two standard length leads of one meter are provided with each Leak detector unit, plus an additional extended lead of two meters in length.

Additional leads of any length can be ordered and purchased separately, for a relatively small cost.

  1. Incidentally, you will observe that an on/off switch has been deliberately omitted; the fundamental reason is that the unit could be permanently located in place without being switched on by the user:
  2. When the battery levels are relatively low, an LED warning lamp plus audible alarm is activated.
  3. Observed from the lower face of the leak detector unit, is a red reset button which will silence the alarm.
  4. Additionally, this quality fantastic intriguing product is proudly (Made in England) not overseas.

“It is your responsibility to protect your own property”

“Do not expect your insurance provider to foot the bill.”


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