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The very best inventions have always proved to be simple in inventiveness, plus creativity. The result of many enthusiastic weeks of perseverance in my shed, resulted in a  wonderful ‘eureka’ moment, after discovering the capability of a truly amazing device which I will gladly share with you.

I would relish this opportunity in sharing with you this wonderful breathtaking moment which truly  occurred.

In my shed I took down from the shelf an interesting toy made some years ago for my children to play and learn from, which activates an alarm when both wires are touched together. As you will appreciate technically  this is simple enough.

(Both wires were still attached to the device;  

On taking the toy down from the shelf as mentioned above, both wires simultaneously landed into a damp area on my workbench. Thankfully this damp area had been left from a previous project, I was working on that same morning and hadn’t been cleared up.

Instantly the alarm sounded, I immediately announced inwardly ‘eureka’ a possible ‘water leak detector,’ from there on a prototype was hurriedly made until I was completely satisfied with it’s design, plus functionality.  

Over the years countless water leak detectors have been around serving a purpose for which they were designed. The ‘APNA’ leak detector has been specially designed to safeguard ones property in a rather unique fundamental way, by highlighting precisely where the leak is which thankfully is different from  having to search for hours in finding the serious water leak.        

The ‘APNA’ Leak Detector will provide each occupier the opportunity to subsequently safeguard their properties against expensive water damage. By simply positioning the leak detector in the most vulnerable areas without the use of any tools, anywhere throughout their property.

Extraordinary unbelievable findings, after extensive research and survey, I was pleased to find that no other direct  competitor selling a similar product safeguarding against early warning of water damage in the home, allowing me the impetus to carry on.

Remarkably this unique device with it’s performance enhanced greatly while  development preparations were in progress, has achieved a fantastic brilliant reliable water leak detector. Unlike many other water leak detectors that are designed to look for water leaks, this invention will indicate precisely where the water leak is without you looking for it.

Thankfully, almost all homeowners throughout the world have somehow neglected to safeguard their properties against costly water damage, even a significantly small leak will develop and possibly cause serious expensive water damage.

 Arguable, the most likely area in most homes with justification is under the kitchen sink unit, also beneath the bath/sink area in the bathroom, which has proved over the years an obvious vulnerable catchment area in any property.

Another likely susceptible area in each property, would be beneath the boiler. Each pipe leading from the boiler can be safely wrapped separately with a unique absorbent sleeve, positioned to absorb even the slightest water leak emitting from each pipe.

I strongly recommend the importance of a two meter length cable connected to an absorbent sleeve, positioned and placed on the floor beneath both the kitchen sink, plus under the boiler area which would safeguard against an early water leak. Under the washing machine/dishwasher nearby would also be a wise consideration.

As a precaution, it would be extremely wise to consider the loft area if a water tank is situated in this location, safeguarding against possible unnecessary serious water damage below.

(Disappointingly, many of my previous interesting inventions over many years have come to nothing so far, mainly because finances haven’t been available, so each invention in turn has been placed on the shelf gathering layers of dust).

The ‘APNA’ Leak Detector was relatively simple in concept. Which I feel will be successful in its own right’s. Thankfully no other inventor has realised the significance plus potential over the years, on how essential and beneficial this leak detector device would prove to mankind. The benefits’ and safeguards of an early warning of possible water damage in each property, will prove highly successful in the future.

I wouldn’t mind betting that most homeowners throughout the world, have not considered safeguarding their properties/belongings against serious water damage?

Incidentally may I ask, is your property safeguarded against water leaks.


I like to think and believe as the inventor, of the ‘APNA Leak Detector’ proving without a doubt the success of this invention in the very near future. By encouraging and educating all homeowners to consider seriously, the cost-effectiveness of my leak detector in safeguarding their property against water damage.
When entering and preparing for any race, I have always entered each race with the intention of winning, this same philosophy is maintained to date, hopefully the benefits’ of my invention will soon be recognised as a positive safeguard against water leaks in each homeowners property.
  1. An invention has to be unique or novel plus creative and most importantly solve a problem.
  2. This wonderful invention hopefully will soon prove beneficial to all mankind in safeguarding against serious water leaks.
  3. Certain rules on patentability must be considered firstly.
  4. Is the concept of the invention central to the patent law system.
  5. A patent legally protects the intellectual property right’s of the invention over a twenty year period.


Background history of the APNA leak detector.

The water leak detector was devised after personal experiences in our property over the years, where our boiler on the first floor landing had unfortunately sprung several leaks. As a result, most of the ceiling at one end of our kitchen below was emitting water with a steady cascading flow, causing major serious water damage to the ceiling, also all the kitchen furniture units damaged, and having to be replaced at great expense. 

(Not to mention our dog Patch, slowly climbing out of his dog basket with a guilty expression on his face, into two inches of water doing doggy paddle towards us as we entered the room. We were devastated, we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing so much water on our kitchen floor).     

The following year a single pipe below the kitchen sink unit was found to be leaking profusely, seriously damaging all our new kitchen units which yet again had to be replaced. An early warning alarm, such as this unique inexpensive detector would have prevented all this additional flooding of the whole of our kitchen.

Also the carpet in the lounge area was absolutely saturated which took ages to dry out. Now with this unique leak detector positioned in place safeguarding against this potential expensive problem, which hopefully we will not experience again.

I designed and developed this unique product with the advantage that there are no other similar water leak detectors of this type in the marketplace, which will successfully safeguard against water damage in your home.

(Conveniently, you will appreciate that no tools are necessary in attaching the ‘APNA’ leak detector

beneath the boiler, or under the kitchen sink, or any other vulnerable areas throughout your property).

UK Patents Application No: GB1404920.9.

“This is a fantastic unique awesome invention said my Grandson Kai, while he was safely playing with it.”

“Granddad are you going on Dragons Den soon?”  

“why didn’t I think of this brilliant simple idea, said by many who have purchased  the device.”

“A wonderful simple ingenious invention that will overcome and safeguard ones property, against serious water damage”

“Their is no on/off switch with this device, with good reason you may have forgotten to switch on the device?”

“We all know their are (Seven Wonders) of the ancient world”

“My invention must come a very close (Eighth Wonder)”

“Because I “(Wonder)” why nobody has safeguards against water damage in their properties?” 

“If you need any help or professional assistance with your application for a patent, contact the professionals’. I did as you can see below, now I feel somewhat secure.”



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