Front and Back of device.


Front and rear Compartment.

Each leak detector as you can see from the picture above, has a full magnetic strip attached permanently to the rear of the unit. This simple but affective idea enables the water leak detector to be located in the bathroom/kitchen/boiler area, without difficulty throughout your property, uniquely without the use of any tools.

Showing one lead connected

Showing only one lead connected.


photo (4)

Spare magnetic strip provided, with double sided tape attached.

In addition, take advantage of this spare magnetic strip provided with each water leak detector, allowing you the advantage of locating and attaching the ‘APNA’ Leak detector beneath the kitchen sink unit, guaranteeing safeguards against water damage.

Sensibly selecting the vulnerable areas beneath the boiler, or under the bath, choosing anywhere throughout your property safeguarding against an early hidden water leak.

Amazingly, on each occasion you will appreciate that when the unique absorbent sleeve has been dampened, the design/material of each absorbent sleeve allows you to reuse the sleeve time and time again, after drying the sleeve ready to use once again.

This spectacular new fantastic inexpensive invention is completely safe also affective, ensuring that you will be aware of a water leak in your property, as soon as it occurs in the most vulnerable areas you have chosen to cover.

“Ultimate professional aim, is to offer protection safeguarding against water damage in your home.”

“The ‘APNA’ Leak Detector as you may have noticed, is secured with a patent application.

Do I now have the audacity in blowing one’s own trumpet, in laying down a fascinating challenge to the rest of the world?

You’ve seen the best, forget the rest.

I believe after an extended survey and successful experimental trials, the ‘APNA’ Leak Detector will prove to be the (Rolls Royce) in the early detection, plus announcement of a water leak in your property.

This challenge of throwing down the gauntlet, is open to all companies involved with water leak detection equipment throughout the world?

The confidence and usefulness shown with my brand new unique invention is plain to see, when referring to the professional open claim mentioned above.

Evidently, you will realise that the device has no requirements for a LCD touchscreen, or unnecessary menus, plus an on/off switch has been omitted.  Simplicity plus functionality was the main criteria and consideration with my invention, the amazing quality with the design of the ‘APNA’ Leak Detector, along with the assurance of 100% protection against water damage in those vulnerable selected areas.

‘It must be remembered, it is easer to offer a good reliable preventative measures against water damage.’

‘Is it wise to purchase the leak detector, or risk certain expensive water damage in your property?’

‘Predicting where the next water leak is going to show in your property is extremely difficult.’

‘This unique affordable water leak detector, unlike other leak detectors will amazingly highlight precisely where the leak is, without you having to search for it.’