Insurance Liabilities.

Almost all insurance companies, would take notice and possibly consider adjusting your annual home insurance premium, if you approach them stating that you have acted proactively in safeguarding your property or apartment, against serious costly water damage.

Only a fool would spend from £250,000/£500,000 or a great deal more on their property plus apartment, and regrettably neglect or forget to protect their valuable property accordingly, oblivious of the  expensive water damage.

Amazingly, for only a faction of the price of the property/premises, safeguards against possible water damage are now in place for the home owner to embrace, and take full advantage.

Front new.

Predominantly making sense when purchasing a quality inexpensive functional leak detector above, which will successfully highlight that a water leak has been located and needs your urgent attention.

Taking some responsibility of safeguarding ones property or apartment, from water damage lies solely with each homeowner, not the insurance companies.

Incidentally, If you claim this year your annual insurance premium next year, could possible cost you a great deal more.

Unbelievably, I carried out a spontaneous research, with scrupulous attention to detail. After attending numerous business meetings, apparently on each occasion I was offered the opportunity in asking the following direct question: 

“Does anyone here, safeguard against water damage in your property/apartment.”

Amazingly, not one person at each meeting, stated they have safeguards against water damage at home! 

With the greatest respect, may I ask the very same question to you:

“Have you taken the trouble to safeguard your home against water damage.”

If your answer is “no”, then think of the consequences plus the increased cost when your annual premium is due!!


Letter of interest to be sent out to insurance companies.

APNA Leak Detector.

Dear Sir/Madam,
                               My Name is Anthony Glanfield, I have recently successfully completed extensive trails on a brand new intrigue invention called an ‘APNA’ Leak Detector. Which I feel will please and interest your company’s ability to serve and inform your customers, with adequate advice before consideration of any claim. To explain briefly the leak detector if placed in the most vulnerable areas of one’s property, would safeguard against serious water damage.
Beneath the sink area in the kitchen, would be the first of many areas in the normal household which has proved to be a vulnerable location, also in this location nearby is normally found a washing machine or dishwasher which should also be safeguarded against water damage.
Another vulnerable area to seriously consider is beneath the boiler, to safeguard your valuable property and belongings.  A possible third area forgotten by most is in the bathroom, beneath the bath plus sink area, also consideration and hidden away in the loft could be a water tank located in this out of sight area.
May I suggest at this early stage a successful demonstration of this device at your convenience, so that you might assess at first hand the immediate benefits’ this water leak detector can offer?
Your company may deal with thousands of unnecessary insurance claims involving expensive water damage in each property.
Once you have informed your customers of the advantages and safeguards, stating that this unique water leak detector will highlight exactly where the leak is located, without the customer having to search for the water leak. Is now available to purchase at a reasonable price, hopefully a reduction of claims would surely follow.
A possible attraction in introducing this new invention to the occupier’s or homeowners, would be a small percentage reduced from the annual insurance premium, which  may be adequate in encouraging each customer, in considering seriously the sensible idea of safeguarding their properties against future possible unnecessary expensive water damage.
Realising with satisfaction after extensive research, that there is no other device in the marketplace similar to this device, successfully offering safeguards against water leaks in this unique fascinating way.
Proudly, I have asked this same question while carrying out my research  at numerous business meetings which I have attended, with as many as 60/80 people in attendance. Apparently on each occasion I had the opportunity in  asking:
‘Do you have safeguards against water damage in your home?’
‘Answer was always the same’ “NO Safeguards against water damage.”
Warmest Regards,
Mr Anthony Glanfield.

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