The ‘APNA’ Leak Detector





                    paint copy                       

The reason the name ‘APNA’ was chosen becomes obvious with the placement of the leak detector adjacent to the appliance.

You can clearly see from the photo above, how to set up the absorbent sleeves around each pipe, uniquely without the use of any tools.

I believe this is truly, the only early successful reliable type of defence against water damage on offer to each homeowner, in safeguarding their property.

A sensible approach in safeguarding each property plus personal belonging, is to purchase the ‘APNA’ Leak Detector.

damp ceiling 1This could be the consequences without the leak detector.

rising dampAnother expensive example could have been avoided.

major dampnessShamefully unnecessary water damage.

“Is the ‘APNA’ Leak Detector Needed?”

The Leak Detector was invented because it was Needed.

Homeowners should only purchase what is Needed.

Then you may Need to purchase this brilliant water Leak Detector.       

“Would it have been cheaper, to purchase the leak detector?”

“Alternatively pay for the serious water damage?”

“The choice is yours”

Investors are extremely good at investing.
Inventors are excellent at inventing.
Both are successful at what they do.
However they are always profitable together.