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Actions of a few (Councillors) are felt by all 
Over a two year period I campaigned passionately in an attempt in saving our local recreational play area used by the local children/residents. Which was secured unbelievably with a background policy that no residential housing would ever be considered on our local green area.   The results of my efforts and research was a brilliant interesting book ‘Actions of a few (councillors) are felt by all.’ Recording extremely interesting devious findings, that our local councillors, plus other councillors in each town throughout Great Britain, with land grabbing essential important children’s play areas. Plus all those fundamental local necessary essential  greens nearby to residential estates. Claiming from the developer’s huge amounts of cash. Then onto the next opportunity to earn even more cash from the next development prospect, disregarding disgracefully the local resident’s concerns, emotions, plus personal objections totally. Incidentally as mentioned above, this land grabbing is happening throughout Great Britain in each and every town, possibly in your own town or village without true justification.


“This brilliant intrigue invention was seriously interrupted, the delay over a two year period can be explained by the intervention of me completing my book. “

The importance of campaigning passionately in saving our essential small green I felt justified this important necessary interruption.”

“Arguably, by land grabbing our essential green the whole community locally was seriously affected, with disastrous consequences”

“Importantly, where are the local children now able to play, now that their green has been unjustly taken?”

“Apparently, this is not the concern of the councillors.”

“Most devious councillors in each town, are guilty with annoying repetition that more, and more houses should be built, gaining colossal amounts from each developer, plus collecting annually increased council tax with each additional house built, is their main true concern?”  

“A cunning and well organised way of earning colossal amounts of money.”   


“Incidentally most councillors knowingly treat the residents without justice in each town, having been gifted with a brain, but haven’t realised your supposed to use it”

“Would someone please notify me, when democracy truly returns to this wonderful country of Great Britain”

Evidently just like members of parliament, who haven’t a clue or the wisdom on how to govern the country successfully, will open their mouths and you wonder what  the hell they will say next ”

“The correct solution in solving this  serious problem of running this  wonderful country, is for all (650) MPs in Westminster to remain in their community wards, and continue feathering their nests, their total reliance on these specialist’s in solving even  the most simplest problems. Therefore, lets have these same specialist’s taking over from the MPs, ready to solve successfully each problem in turn. ” 

“The financial savings could be colossal, plus the problems solved by these specialist.”

Intrigue thought.

Investors are extremely good at investing.

Inventors are excellent at inventing.

Both are successful at what they do.

However, they are mostly profitable together.