Interestingly, all the early Financial Risks involved in the creation of the ‘Apna Leak Detector’ have been born by me, in achieving a successful solid background in offering a sincere investor the opportunity of earning serious money with this inspirational idea. These important early product development costs were necessary in gaining proof, that this invention would prove to be the most impressive water leak detector ever offered internationally, in safeguarding ones property against serious water damage.                              An extended prototype development was carried out, aiming to concentrate mainly on functionality, Branding, plus design. Removing any complication, aiming to keep the device as simple as possible.

It is extremely rare globally, for a new product to capture the attention that most homeowners have not yet even considered, safeguarding their properties against water damage.

The projections in growth are determined by concentrating now on the essential marketing plan.

Fundamentally, the cost of a successful GB patent application was necessary in making my invention secure in this huge global market. The potential is colossal once each property owner is aware of this simple successful way of safeguarding their premises against water damage.

Your investment would take this wonderful new invention to the next important level.

About the invention.

The very best inventions have always proved to be simple in conception, plus beneficial to mankind. This ‘Water Leak Detector’ will provide each occupier the opportunity in safeguarding their properties against expensive water damage.  By uniquely positioning the leak detector without the use of any tools, anywhere throughout their property in the most susceptible selected vulnerable areas.

The most likely areas with justification are below the kitchen sink, also beneath the bath area, which has proved over the years an obvious vulnerable catchment area in any property.

Another noticeable extremely susceptible area would be under the boiler, each pipe leading from the boiler can be safely wrapped around with my unique absorbent sleeve, ready to absorb even the slightest water leak emitting from each pipe. However, it would be wise to consider the loft area if a water tank is situated in this location, safeguarding against possible major water damage below.

My intention as the inventor of the ‘APNA Leak Detector’ is to provide safeguards against water damage in each and every property worldwide.

When deciding investment in the ‘APNA Leak Detector’, please consider one important question:

In your property at home, have you any safeguards against water damage?

Evidently, this is highly unlikely; throughout my extended research I have discovered a unique niche, that no other water leak detection is as successful or equivalent as my invention.

This unique product can be viewed on my website:

Also on (YouTube video). 

Mr Anthony Glanfield.

Investors are successful at investing.

Inventors are excellent at inventing.

Both are successful at what they do.

However, they are mostly profitable together.

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